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High quality notebook with dotted pages and bullet journal style. 

 hibashcho  Oct 6, 2020 1:59 PM

(1 review)

1 Review
 hibashcho  Oct 6, 2020 1:59 PM
 14.90   Product link (affiliate)  AliExpress

If you like usual notebooks better than digital ones, I’ve finally found a good one.      

The price of a notebook - 14.9

The price of a pen - 1.9


Pluses for me:

  • ideal format for bullet journal technique (if you know what I mean. Ask, if you don’t know)))
  • dotted pages which is convenient for drawing tables and just drawing
  • thick and pleasant paper of bone colour
  • three tassels of different colours
  • pen handler
  • convenient size
  • minimalistic cover (4 colours available)
  • the pen is gooood, really goooood
  • you could order a custom logo print on the cover if your order a bunch of notebooks for office usage or for a present


  • not detected so far after 2 months of usage

Highly recommended! Love it. 

Photos of the notebook and its inside are attached.

There is a link to unpacking video if you fail to read this ;)

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