Pendant light in Nordic style

by iminovo
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Pendant light in Nordic minimalistic style. Comes in different cable length. 


 hibashcho  Oct 6, 2020 12:01 PM

(1 review)

1 Review
 hibashcho  Oct 6, 2020 12:01 PM
 15.99   Product link (affiliate)  AliExpress

Simple black and white pendant light of nordic style. In local shops it costs 3 times more expensive and I'm very greedy :)


Purchased for 14.99$ (now the cost is 15.99$)

I ordered with the length 120 cm and still had to cut more as our ceilings are around 2,5 m and people in the family are tall :)

Delivery to Ukraine took around 1 month (11.11 busy period)

Package was surprisingly good!

Foam plastic shell that will help to keep the item from any injuries during the delivery.


It includes all the neccesary things for installing.


I don't know, how it's called but you can see from the picture that one small shit-head thing is sticking out (and it wasn't supposed to), however the installing guy fixed it in a second.


I've been using this lamp for almost a year already and it's working properly.

Will suit the small appartments where you need to save space with each new thing added to the interior. And there are more cute models at the shop.

Highly recommended item.

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