Drinking fountain for pets

(1 review)

Drinking fountain for pets.

 hibashcho  Sep 25, 2020 1:46 PM

(1 review)

1 Review
 hibashcho  Sep 25, 2020 1:46 PM
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Drinking cats - happines in a family!
We have two furry buddies at home and they refused drinking water from their bowls - only toilet, our cups and from tap. But the water in Kyiv is so bad that we couldn't take the risk any more.
So I ordered this drinking fountain and it commonly costs 3x in my country's shops. Though on AliExpress it's 19-21$.

The main concern was - that cats would ignore it (just like the other expensive things we buy for them^_^).
But everything went well.
The cats were genuinely interested in the running water and now regularly come to check and have a drink - which is a huge relief.

The delivery time was around 2 months - which is okay during quarantine.
The box was a little bit damaged but the fountain okay.

It has a small pump on rubber feets (to prevent moving inside), which is possible to order separately.

It has simply dissassembled parts - easy to clean and assemble.

One can track the level of water through the small window.

It's possible to chose different adapaters for different countries.
I also ordered silicone mat to fix the fountain on the floor. And a filter ( I recommend to buy several at once, cause I worried that the thing wouldn't work and ordered just one)
So far it's been over 7 months when the fountain keeps running without stops. We don't turn it off.

The best thing - it works completely silently. No buzzing at all.

If you have cats or small dogs, I highly recommend this one, especially for summer.

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